Apps for Paddlers

Halfway Creek  is a SW Florida paddling destination listed on the GoPaddling app.

Halfway Creek is a SW Florida paddling destination listed on the GoPaddling app.

Although many of us escape to nature when we need a break from civilization, there are times when technology can be useful on the water. Today’s smartphones can serve as a lifeline during an emergency, and there are numerous apps with potential to enhance our paddling adventures. Here are a few we recommend.

GoPaddling connects a large community of paddlers, so it’s a great download if you are looking to exchange knowledge and ideas. There is information about more than 25,000 paddling locations, with details about important logistical considerations like parking and launch sites. Members have shared both positive and negative experiences to help you know what to expect.

Kayaklog will track your speed, distance, and time. It links directly with a website of the same name to create a real-time, custom logbook of your data, photos, and notes in one place. This app also makes it easy to share your adventures with friends via social media.

Paddleready is an excellent tool for beginners, offering a way to review the standard safety and rescue procedures that all paddlers should be familiar with. With a huge database of ACA-certified instructors, it can also help you find and schedule lessons in your area. Additionally, there are wind speed, weather, and river readings to check before you head out on the water.

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