Building Community

Joining clubs is a great way to build community.

Joining clubs is a great way to build community.

The Ocean Tribe Paddlers’ club mission is to assist the local paddling community to better explore, enjoy, and understand the ocean, and to help paddlers become engaged stewards of our marine environment. As we gain new members and grow our community of paddlers, we enjoy learning more about each individual and why they decided to join.

Our newest member is an amazingly kind and spirited women, who happens to be a recent widow. She enjoyed paddling with her late husband – not only for the good company, but also for safety reasons. She feels less comfortable paddling and transporting her kayak alone. She joined our community to get back on the water, and to honor and remain connected with her loved one by continuing a shared favorite activity. Members are able to reserve kayaks or stand up paddleboards for group paddling events without worrying about transportation or maintenance, which can be a helpful option for solo paddlers.

The club has welcomed our new member with open arms, and we feel inspired by her story. We encourage anyone who may be in a similar situation to follow her lead and seek ways to engage in the activities that have brought you joy.

Whether you are interested in finding friends with common interests, advancing your skills, or exploring new areas with the help of a guide, please feel free to join us for an upcoming event. We would love to meet you and hear your stories!

Ocean Tribe Outfitters is a branch of Sanibel Sea School that helps the local paddling community better explore, enjoy, and understand the ocean. Visit or follow us on Facebook to learn more.