Kayaks: An Angler’s Best Friend

Kayak fishing has many benefits.

Kayak fishing has many benefits.

Quieter and less startling to fish than a motorized vessel, a kayak is a good angler’s hidden secret. In a kayak, you can become a master of stealth, easily slipping into nooks and crannies that would be off limits to larger boats. Catching fish from a kayak can also be very thrilling — a fish can completely circle your boat, giving you more of that adrenaline rush that makes fishing so fun.

The financial benefits of fishing from a paddle powered vessel should also be considered. When you do not need to pay for fuel, insurance, storage, or launch fees, you can spend more of your money on the best fishing gear.

All of us have those days when the fish just won’t bite, but when you are fishing from a kayak, it hardly matters. There are so many beautiful views to enjoy, and you can always watch the wildlife instead. As an added bonus, you’ll get plenty of exercise. So, what are you waiting for? If you’re not already an avid kayak fisherman, give it a try!

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