Is An Inflatable SUP Right For You? 

An inflatable stand up paddleboard can be a great option for many reasons.

An inflatable stand up paddleboard can be a great option for many reasons.

by Kealy McNeal

If you intend to purchase a paddling vessel in the near future, consider inflatable stand up paddleboards. Considerably cheaper than solid boards, they are also easy to transport, store, and repair. 

When it comes to portability, the inflatable SUP has all other paddling vessels beat. Inflatables can be deflated, rolled up to the approximate size of a lightweight sleeping bag, and carried along on your adventures. An inflatable SUP can be packed in a bag or box and checked with your luggage, giving you the ultimate opportunity to explore the world’s most exotic paddling locations without worrying about equipment rentals.

Because inflatable paddle boards can be deflated and rolled up, they’re the perfect choice for paddlers with small living spaces. An inflatable SUP can be stored in a closet, on a shelf, under your bed or even in the trunk of your car when not in use.

Every inflatable comes with a repair kit, but the chances of having to use this kit are slim. It’s a fairly easy process if you do get a small hole. The repairs can be completed at home. Any holes that may appear on a seam of the board should be brought to the attention of the manufacturer, as these types of issues may be covered by a warranty. 

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